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So cool to create Passbook passes with Passmakers

With Passmakers you can take advantage of the great benefits offered by Apple Wallet, including the ability to send personalised messages to your customers. Passmakers is a complete platform for digital Marketing Pass, WiFi, Adv, SMS, Email, all in one tool !! Social Login

Give customers free access to your WiFi network using their social profiles: you can expand your customer base and encourage quick and easy pass installation.

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SMS & EMAIL Campaigns

Reach a large number of users with customised SMS & EMAIL coupons, tailored to their needs.

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Advertising Campaigns

Increase the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns by using the pass to enrich promotions and attract potential customers.

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How do you benefit from Passmakers

No more cards and generic coupons!
Customise interactions with clients on the device they use everyday: their smartphone.
Not only will they listen to you: they will also help you improve your brand's reputation.
Passmakers provides you with the ability to:

  1. - send/create PASS
    - send SMS
    - send EMAIL;
  2. manage your client DATABASE easly

WiFi Social Login: Go Viral!

Forget long passwords and identity documents: customers connect to your WiFi network with their Facebook, Google+, Twitter or Linkedin profiles.

Network access with Social WiFi is easy, safe and fast. No forms to fill in.



...the complete platform for your digital marketing.
Pass, WiFi, Adv, SMS, Email campaigns. All in one tool.